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Canada Pooch

ppl stuff supported Canada Pooch, a luxury pet product organization, with foundational HR work prior to their hiring of an in-house Head of HR.

As a growing organization in the wake of COVID-19, Canada Pooch was seeking guidance on how to build a culture of transparency and high performance, even while working from home. This led to partnership on multiple projects to ensure leadership and employees were set up for success, including People Management, Learning and Development and Compensation.


Together, we tackled:

  • ​The launch of a brand new Performance Management platform, framework and execution of a formal employee performance evaluation plan and cycle

  • Several formal, live organization-wide training sessions on ranging topics, including How to Give Effective Feedback and Mental Health in the Workplace

  • A robust Compensation Analysis and Review, using data and market research to make competitive and exciting compensation decisions

  • Workshopped a Business and Culture Framework, landing on a well-defined Company Purpose, Mission and Core Values


"I have had an excellent experience with ppl stuff. In a short time, we worked to implement various culture focused initiatives that have had a great deal of impact. Jen is usually right on with her recommendations, and I have found them to be very effective and thoughtful. Her process is easy on the client and focused on lasting impact. Jen’s trainings were also fantastic and we received great feedback from our team across the board. I would definitely recommend ppl stuff to any organizations looking to build or improve on their process around people and culture!"


Is this what your ppl need?

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