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Strategic Planning

Our human resource consultants facilitate a multitude of strategic initiatives to tackle complex issues, or plan for the future of your organization as you scale and grow.

ppl stuff perfects the way you hire, transition, promote and structure your organization for now, and the future.


How do we do it?

Whether you're getting ready to launch your new business, feel the need to overhaul your current practices, or perhaps you don't quite know how to keep up with your current growth, we'll be able to support with a solution. Popular initiatives include:


Purpose, mission and core values workshopping


Compensation analysis and market salary research


People and culture philosophy development


Strategic organizational and succession planning


Performance management & evaluation strategy, framework and implementation

Is this what your ppl need?

Reach out to learn more about our strategic planning services—or, if you’re missing something, we’d be happy to chat about our custom services.

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