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Ask Me Anything: How Do I Know When It's Time to Change Jobs?


Dear ppl stuff,

I've been at my current company for 3 years and am no longer feeling as excited as I once did but I am scared to leave my job in a pandemic. How do I know when it’s time to move on or switch companies?

Thank you,



Thanks for your question, Pam! This is a tough one...There are going to be different thresholds for everyone, depending on their situation.

Here are some things to consider while you weigh this decision:

  • What are the organization's growth potential for you, your role/department, and the organization as a whole?

  • How embedded or connected do you feel to the work you do and the community you are a part of?

  • How valued do you feel? (both fiscally and emotionally) Are you still challenged by the work you do and are you continuing to learn and grow?

If your answers are mostly “limited,” “disconnected,” “little/minimally,” and/or, “no,” it may be time to explore roles and organizations that check more of these boxes.

Understanding that organizations evolve and change as much as humans do - this company could have served a robust purpose for you at one point, but no longer does and that is OK. It may also be worth exploring an honest discussion with your manager about how you're feeling - they may be able to give things to you that they didn't know you needed. Also, balance that concept with that the fact that you shouldn't bail any time things get a bit tough - hardships are learning and growth experiences in their own right, provided the environment is still safe/respectful.

All the best,

Jen from ppl stuff

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