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How Do I Deal With Gossip In The Workplace?

One of the most damaging actions to a work environment is gossip. Not only is it hurtful and unproductive, it can also lead to bullying and a pose a serious threat to team psychological safety.

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What can you do to mitigate this behaviour in the workforce?

1) Shut it down (quickly!) and make it clear gossip is not tolerated

2) Facilitate a healthy dialogue between two parties if there are issues or challenges to be worked through

3) Follow up in writing to ensure clarity and documentation

4) Explore disciplinary action with your HR or leadership team if the problem persists

One thing that can lead people to gossip is lack of skill or comfort around giving feedback directly. Stay tuned for more information on why giving effective feedback is so vital to a healthy workplace.

Have a real gossip issue at work? Reach out to for support!

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