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How To Effectively Update Your Resume

If you only have time to make one change to your resume...let this be it! The key is answering the question: "So what?"

If you've been feeling stuck in your job search and know your resume could use a little boost, try making this one significant content change. It won't take you a ton of time but will impact how your resume is perceived by recruiters.

Instead of simply listing responsibilities and tasks for each role, think about instead answering the question: "So what?"

This trick can be applied to any role. You should use this question to succinctly illustrate WHY you're so uniquely good at what you do. Here's an example:


Server, Lala Restaurant

  • Served tables during dinner service

  • Provided great customer service

  • Contributed to restaurant success and positive team culture


Server, Lala Restaurant

  • Serviced upwards of 10+ tables at a time during busy dinner service, with multiple nightly seatings, often serving up to 200 guests per shift

  • Increased average cheque value by 60%, from $100 to $160, by providing add-on and up-sell options to guests throughout their dining experience

  • Selected to lead onboarding server training for new hires

  • Have 10+ repeat guests due to exceptional customer service and relationship building skils

By quantifying your efforts, it illustrates to the person reading your resume why your performance is so impressive. Providing concrete and quantifiable examples to showcase your talent is a sure way to make your resume stand out.


  • Don't assume that the recruiter knows what it takes to be successful at your job (recruiters are familiar with the technicalities of many jobs, but don't assume they know the ins and outs of every single one!)

  • Don't assume the recruiter knows about what it's like to work at your previous organizations (if you've worked for a big "name brand" company, you may think having them listed on your resume is "enough said" . But don't assume that the recruiter understands what it takes to be successful there, explain it!)

  • Use key words from the job posting you're applying for within your resume and cover letter. This allows candidate tracking software and AI programs to pick up your credentials to match the desired experience

Bonus points if you can experiment with designing and creating a unique, stand out resume using a platform like Canva and move away from stock templates found on Google. Recruiters see hundreds of these templated resumes a day, and having a unique CV can go a long way!

If you'd like to connect further on HR support, reach out to us here! Happy Job Hunting!

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