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What Is A Business And Culture Framework?

And why is it so important?

A Business and Culture Framework is comprised of your organization's Purpose, Mission, Core Values and Vision.

These are the foundations on which you'll base all business and cultural decisions. These will be your reference points to look to when making difficult decisions. These will be the things that your employees work towards and what you hold them accountable to. This is the fabric of your organization.

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What's the difference between a Purpose, Mission and Vision? What are Core Values?

  • Purpose defines our existence (Why Are We Here?)

  • Mission defines what we do to fulfil our purpose (What Do We Do?)

  • Core Values define the way in which we conduct ourselves in pursuit of our mission (How Do We Do It?)

  • Vision defines our goal(s) for the future (What Are We Working For?)

Creating a thoughtful, well-defined Business and Culture Framework will lead to a more cohesive, culturally-bound and connected organization. Your employees will have a framework to reference for just about any business or culture related dilemma, decision or initiative, resulting in a happier, more productive workforce.

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(What Are We Working For?)

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